Secrets for Halloween Ducks 2001

This level set has 2 secrets in it.

A read-me file inside the game gives some hints to where the secrets can be found. It gives the following hints:

They are on adjacent levels.

One of them involves some skill in plummeting.


Level 11: THE STORM

Flick the first switch you come across. Instead of falling down to the platform below where there is a large number of storm clouds, you will see another platform across to the right with a single storm cloud on it. Place some stop signs inside the gap so you can walk across onto this platform. The secret is on that platform.

Screenshot 1

Level 12: OVER THE GAP

From the start, quickly bounce down onto the platform below and enter the teleporter. This will take the leader to the top of the level. From here you will want to head straight down to where the alien is, the secret is behind the storm cloud. Make sure you don't press any switches on the way down, it is better to stick to the right-hand side.

Screenshot 2

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