Secrets for Ducks: Quack Attack

This level set has 5 secrets in it.

A readme file supplied inside the game gives a single hint for each secret.

Level 1: V. EASY

The hint referring to this secret is "The chase is on!". Instead of saving the orange ducks, walk past them and down to the bottom of the level, avoiding the aliens. The secret is on the far left of the bottom platform.

Screenshot 1


The hint for this secret is "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a falling secret". The invisible secret doorway falls the entire length of the level on the right-hand side, so you need to place a bridge at the start of the level to catch it when it eventually lands.

Screenshot 2

Level 14: WHERE TO NEXT?

The hint for this secret is "Plumbers fanclub". The secret doorway is right next to the fan. To reach it, head right from the start into the teleporter which will take you to the bottom of the level. Next walk into the teleport sender you arrive next to and it will take you to the fan and the secret.

Screenshot 3

Level 19: BOXED IN

The hint for this secret is "Harry Houdini???". This means that you have to escape the box. From the start of the level, just continue to head right and you will eventually walk into it.

Screenshot 4


The hint for this level is "Don't let your eyes decieve you". One of the rockets in the bottom right is fake, teleport to the right of this rocket to access the secret.

Screenshot 5

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