Secrets for Xmas Ducks 2006

This level set has 1 secret in it.

Level 10: GOODWILL TO ALL...

Look at the top right corner of the level. There is a christmas tree on the platform up there. If you look very closely at it, you'll notice that there is a spring hiding behind it. Use your balloons to bomb this down onto the light below. Now, move your green duck down to the crowd of orange ducks and use your balloons to make a path over to the spring staircase. Instead of going up this little path, place a balloon under the bottom spring so it falls down slightly. Now, it won't send you up the spring stairway, but instead onto the light. The spring hiding behind the christmas tree is pointing to the right, so you'll need to use your balloons to destroy the thin stack of land in the middle of the light whilst still leaving the spring where it is. This will allow you to be bounced onto the small column at the very right of the screen. The doorway is on there.


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