SLUDGE Console

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SLUDGE Console is a text input engine I developed for SLUDGE. Originally created for text adventure games, I realised after making it portable to include in any SLUDGE game that it was more useful as a console that can be used to change variables and rooms on the fly and add or remove inventory objects, rather than having to keep recompiling the entire game every time I wanted to test something.


Note that SLUDGE Console is not a change to SLUDGE's source code, but rather made up entirely using SLUDGE's built-in functions. This unfortunately means that anything the console can do needs to be manually put into the .SLU files themselves, but it takes only a small amount of effort and could easily save you lots of time debugging your game.

Because it was originally designed as a text engine, SLUDGE Console can be used for that too, allowing you to check for words typed at any position in a sentence, for example, only accepting verbs if they are the first word typed. It will also convert number strings into numerical values automatically.

Here's a list of some of its features:

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